Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Avail Superior Quality Polycord For Your Business With Superior Bands

For producing belts or O-rings of good quality, best quality Polycord is mandatory. Also, one can find the major use of this material in the manufacturing of conveyor belts. To mark a perfect finishing to the other equipment such as line shaft or divert O-rings, it is necessary that a polycord will be cut into a perfect length and thereby to be welded together to give a strong bonding. Hence, it is primary to choose a best industrial material handling company.

To measure the stiffness of the polycord one must get acquainted with the durometer ratings of the same. However, most of the buyers are unaware of this but being a sincere seller, Superior Bands considers enlightening it's customer on the same beforehand. Therefore being one of the top class material handling distributors, we offer free samples as well.

The diameter and the durometer ratings of the polycord keep varying. With us, one can find polycord of any durometer rating starting from 60A to 100A, most popular being 83A. Similarly, common diameters available with us are 1/8", 3/16", 5/16" and 3/8". These are the most basic ones, however customized diameter poly-cord orders are also accepted at Superior Bands.

Type of colours available:

Three basic colours of the poly cord are available with us; rough textured green, high tension and orange. The last one finds its application on the conveyor belt to move boxes, usually available in the size of 85A durometer. However, if you have light weight to lift up, go for rough textured green polycord. As the name suggests, due to a rough surface, it offers less friction and hence provides a great solution for accumulation problems. The common durometer range for this one varies between 88A and 90A. Coming to the last one, high tension polycord has been specifically designed to uplift heavyweight and is available in the color code of blue, red and green.

The reason behind the popularity of polycord over polyurethane is its ease of use in the machine with budget friendly cost. As compared to the later, polycord is less expensive and needs no separation of machine parts to put line shafts, roller to roller belts or divert belts. 
At Superior Bands, we also provide superior material handling solutions of Polyurethane O-rings, twisted O-rings and spools.