Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Avail Superior Quality Polycord For Your Business With Superior Bands

For producing belts or O-rings of good quality, best quality Polycord is mandatory. Also, one can find the major use of this material in the manufacturing of conveyor belts. To mark a perfect finishing to the other equipment such as line shaft or divert O-rings, it is necessary that a polycord will be cut into a perfect length and thereby to be welded together to give a strong bonding. Hence, it is primary to choose a best industrial material handling company.

To measure the stiffness of the polycord one must get acquainted with the durometer ratings of the same. However, most of the buyers are unaware of this but being a sincere seller, Superior Bands considers enlightening it's customer on the same beforehand. Therefore being one of the top class material handling distributors, we offer free samples as well.

The diameter and the durometer ratings of the polycord keep varying. With us, one can find polycord of any durometer rating starting from 60A to 100A, most popular being 83A. Similarly, common diameters available with us are 1/8", 3/16", 5/16" and 3/8". These are the most basic ones, however customized diameter poly-cord orders are also accepted at Superior Bands.

Type of colours available:

Three basic colours of the poly cord are available with us; rough textured green, high tension and orange. The last one finds its application on the conveyor belt to move boxes, usually available in the size of 85A durometer. However, if you have light weight to lift up, go for rough textured green polycord. As the name suggests, due to a rough surface, it offers less friction and hence provides a great solution for accumulation problems. The common durometer range for this one varies between 88A and 90A. Coming to the last one, high tension polycord has been specifically designed to uplift heavyweight and is available in the color code of blue, red and green.

The reason behind the popularity of polycord over polyurethane is its ease of use in the machine with budget friendly cost. As compared to the later, polycord is less expensive and needs no separation of machine parts to put line shafts, roller to roller belts or divert belts. 
At Superior Bands, we also provide superior material handling solutions of Polyurethane O-rings, twisted O-rings and spools.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Polyurethane O-Rings - Benefits, Properties and Varieties

An O-ring is also known as a toric joint which is designed in a manner so that it can be used to assemble two or more parts. It acts as a seal between the parts. O-ring manufacturers design it to be used in dynamic applications or in static applications. Polyurethane O-rings are specially suited to handle dynamic loads. They are applied in pneumatics, hydraulics and in other critical areas. Their high mechanical strengths make them superior as compared to the other o-rings.

Benefits:  Polyurethane o-rings are long-lasting, strong and durable and are thus best suited for industrial applications.

1. The structural bonds of these products are incredibly good and also offer flexibility.
2. They can be customized for several applications.
3. Twisted polyurethane o-rings can be excellently applied in transfer belts, line shaft conveyors and roller to roller conveyors.
4. The loop and hook system in these o-rings make them easy to use.
5. This variety of urethane o-rings offer shortcut in connection and thus there is no need to break up the conveyor system.

Properties: Check out some of the unique features of polyurethane o-ring material:

1. Flexibility and Hardness: Owing to the hardness of this material, it can withstand any amount of load. Another significant property of polyurethane is that it can be molded to any shape before put to use.
2. Versatility: Polyurethane offers excellent insulation and can perform in any differences of temperature, humidity and electricity.
3. Cost Effective: The manufacturing cost of polyurethane is much cheaper as compared to plastic. Therefore, it is available at a much lower cost in the market.
4. Sterility: Polyurethane is resistant to various fungi like mold and mildew. Thus, there are no issues of food contamination when these materials are used.

Types of Polyurethane:  This type of o-ring is available in different types and each one of them has their individual advantages and applications. Polyester is one of the most common types of polyurethane. It is resistant to hydrocarbon oils and hydraulic oils which offer great application at lower temperatures.

Another type is poly-caprolactone. This variety of polyurethane o-ring is also resistant to oil.

So, for faster and smoother conveyor, you can always rely on polyurethane o-rings. 

Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Everything That You Want To Know About A Urethane O-Ring

The purpose of O-rings: Between the joining of two or more mechanical parts, especially in conveyor sections, there come the necessity for a packing or toxic joint that create a seal at the interface. Usually they are made up from elastomer, PTFE or with any other plastic material both as hollow and solid.

Why Polyurethane then?

The component Polyurethane is a polymer which is an integration of carbonate links. They break their thermal stability at a very higher point but nowadays the level has been engineered to a higher scale. The O-rings made out of this material find their best application on durable elastomeric wheels and tires. They are a lot stretchable and are very prone to electrical and mechanical applications.

Poly twisted O ring- a new chain

As the name suggests the ring is made up of polyurethane material and is very easy to install as compared to other conventional twisted o-rings. To keep the smooth running of your conveyor system until they get fresh replacement of urethane o rings, poly twisted o rings are ideal fit. With a larger life span of three to four months, these can keep the work going on until the schedule maintenance is completed.

Widespread Advantage
These kind of O ring material are engineered with high curing capability by the addition of standard sulphur and peroxide curing system, sometimes even isocyanate curing system to upgrade the limit. Thermoplastic materials use MDI as well as mill-able gum urethane's as they are environment friendly than other diisocyanate. Other advantages include:

1. Controlled hardness
2. High load bearing capacity
3. Super resistive to breakage due to flexibility
4. Works well with electricity and wetness
5. Designed to being able to adhere to wood, plastic or metal

Rope Twisted O ring Vs poly twisted O ring: The former one is a new of its kind and is made up of cotton material having an elastic core. A broader comparison will show you that rope twisted ones are more stretchable, 32% more than poly twisted ones. By this, it means that the curves as well as other straight sections will be served with great pulling power.

If you compare on size, former one has less dimension than the later but due to its immense stretching capability becomes an ideal fit for any size. It is not that the size is usually ideal; sometimes it may call for a replacement too. Mostly customer concerned manufacturers like Superior-bands have all sizes to serve overnight.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Reasons Why You Need Efficient Material Handing For Your Business Needs

The need to have advanced, well-established and functional material handlers is increasing day by day. It could be to transfer anything from raw materials to finished goods. As the dimensions of a business are expanding, the need to have proper conveyor systems, handing solutions, etc. also exists. 
Why Do You Need Material Handling Solutions

1. They understand your company’s functions, missions and goals to provide hassle free consistent services all throughout the year. It will not be wrong to say that material handlers are like partners. They work as hard as the hiring company to increase productivity. 

2. These companies arrange several safety equipment tools required to carry goods from one place to another. It includes use of polyurethane o rings, spools and polycords in their conveyors. 

3. Material handlers are licensed transporters of your unfinished and finished goods. Also, just after the moment you load them with stuff it is almost their responsibility to leave it at the destination in the same state or condition.

4. Many such service providers also have the facility to aid in installation and relocation. Their experience in this job enables you to get the work done within a stipulated precise period of time only. 

5. Material handling through established service provider is always insured. The insurance is against any sort of damage that can occur in route. This facility allows the company to compensate the client with the required amount to overcome the damage. 

6. They also ensure that the clients make most of their space by arranging the material efficiently in the warehouse. This is something every business yearns for but is not able to achieve due to load of work. 

7. Other benefits include elimination of accidents, reduction in time and effort, minimization in time spent on storage, distribution and exclude redundant work force. 

The importance of a reliable material handling service provider is realized by most industrialists or manufacturers. This is why you need to be extra careful while choosing one. Keep all your needs listed and narrate them to the service provider before making the agreement. Also, don’t forget to check for their credibility, license and other sort of essential documents!

Friday, 3 February 2017

Benefits of Polyurethane O Ring - Superior Bands

If you want something durable, strong, and long lasting for industry application, then the material that would best match your requirements is polyurethane. Featuring outstanding physical durability, these materials are currently in fashion and find very useful application in almost all commercial and industrial fields.

Mainly hailed as urethanes, Polyurethanes inherit their unique advantages and usefulness due to their incredible structural bonds. Their structural bond possesses unique combinations of tough isocyanate segments and soft polyol segments, which creates an extraordinary result of durable as well as flexible material. You can find several types of polyurethane made customized for several sorts of applications.
Twisted Polyurethane o ring find excellent application in line shaft conveyors, transfer belts or roller to roller conveyors in the commercial and industrial fields. Due to their hook and loop system, they are quite popular compared to the traditional polyurethane belts. They provide shortcut in connection, replacing your bands, without the need of breaking down the conveyor system. Polyurethane o rings thus provide a quick fix solution that is easy and hassle free.

Types of Polyurethane

Polyurethane is available in different types and each comes with their individual applications and benefits. One of the most common varieties of polyurethane is polyester. Polyurethane o ring based on polyester are resistant to hydraulic oils and hydrocarbon oils and provide better functionality at lower temperatures.

Another type of polyurethane is poly caprolactone. Polyurethane o-rings based on poly caprolactone are well resistant to lower temperatures and can resist to oils as well.
Some outstanding properties of Polyurethane o ring:

Hardness and Flexibility: Among the many beneficial properties of polyurethane, hardness is a major factor that sets apart polyurethane from other materials. With its excellent strength, the material can withstand significant amount of load, and its flexible quality to get back to its original form and shape after being moulded with minimum amount of damage is the key advantage of polyurethanes.
Durability: The polyurethanes offer a wide array of strength and motion to withstand breakage. It is a highly durable material and is resistant to abrasion and tearing which happens over time.
Versatility: Unlike several other elements that face problems with insulation, polyurethanes have shown great results. Polyurethanes provide unique material handling solutions and can perform extraordinarily in various ranges such as humidity, electricity, temperature differences, etc. with great competence and strength. The polyurethane o-ring can be bonded and can adhere to materials such as metal, wood and plastic.
If you are concerned about sensitive issues like food contamination or other issues, polyurethanes has the capability and have resistance to different fungi like mildew and mold.

Cost Effective: It is less expensive to manufacture polyurethane o rings compared to the manufacturing of plastic.  Therefore, polyurethanes provide better cost-effective solutions than plastic and are also better radiation resistant.

To make your conveyor run smoother and faster, you can trust the polyurethane o-rings manufactured by Superior Bands. They provide free surveys and cater to your needs for all kinds of polyurethane application.

Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Importance of Polyurethane Cord for Industrial Work

You might have heard a lot about poly cord, but have you wondered anything about its usage? Poly cord is primarily termed as Polyurethane cord or urethane cord. It is a standardized material, used for producing polyurethane belts or O-rings. This is mainly a gold standard for conveyor belts. You can further use this cord for manufacturing roller to roller o ring belts, line shaft o ring belts and divert o ring belts. The poly cord is further cut to correct length and welded in proper manner, with the help of welding tool. This cord is termed as extruded cord. It comes on rolls and sells it by foot.
More about the poly cord
Poly cord is mainly available in various durometer ratings. These rating helps in measuring stiffness of poly cord. Various durometers range from 60A to 100A, and the most common one over here is 83A. In case, you are not quite sure of the durometer rating, experts can offer you with some samples, free. The cord further varies in thickness. It is known as diameter. The most common ones are 1/8 inches, 3/16 inches, ¼ inches and in 3/8 inches. You can even request for your customize diameter, to match your industrial needs.

Colors and variations
The standardized poly cord is primarily available in clear green texture. It is available in high tension and some in orange colors. You can even dye the standard clear colors into any color of your choice. The most common ones used in divert application is the orange poly cord. Here, you are using the cords for moving boxes from one conveyor to the next one. It is available in 85A durometer. The green cord in rough texture is light in weight. It is not used for managing heavy items. The rough surface helps in providing less friction. It is the finest solution if you have any kind of accumulation problems. Here, the durometer rating is of 90A and 88A.

Now for the belts
Once you are through with poly cord, next one in the list is Urethane belting. It is used for manufacturing superior bands. Here, premium quality urethane poly cord is used, and their joints are aligned together. It is not over grinded, as that might hamper the bond. The poor welds further cause failure and breakage of the production line. This is the reason to choose premium quality belting only, for better functionality of your production.

Used in various applications
The O-ring belts are used in numerous applications. The most common example over here is the material handling equipment. Some of the machines over here are roller to roller conveyors, line shaft conveyors, transfer system and even pop-up diverters. You can come across these conveyor systems in larger distribution centers. The conveyor rollers use these belts for moving products throughout the day. However, you must not use any wrong size belt for this application. In case, you face any problem, waste no time and contact experts for immediate help. Check out some of the following specifications before choosing any polyurethane belts.