Tuesday, 6 September 2016

Importance of Polyurethane Cord for Industrial Work

You might have heard a lot about poly cord, but have you wondered anything about its usage? Poly cord is primarily termed as Polyurethane cord or urethane cord. It is a standardized material, used for producing polyurethane belts or O-rings. This is mainly a gold standard for conveyor belts. You can further use this cord for manufacturing roller to roller o ring belts, line shaft o ring belts and divert o ring belts. The poly cord is further cut to correct length and welded in proper manner, with the help of welding tool. This cord is termed as extruded cord. It comes on rolls and sells it by foot.
More about the poly cord
Poly cord is mainly available in various durometer ratings. These rating helps in measuring stiffness of poly cord. Various durometers range from 60A to 100A, and the most common one over here is 83A. In case, you are not quite sure of the durometer rating, experts can offer you with some samples, free. The cord further varies in thickness. It is known as diameter. The most common ones are 1/8 inches, 3/16 inches, ¼ inches and in 3/8 inches. You can even request for your customize diameter, to match your industrial needs.

Colors and variations
The standardized poly cord is primarily available in clear green texture. It is available in high tension and some in orange colors. You can even dye the standard clear colors into any color of your choice. The most common ones used in divert application is the orange poly cord. Here, you are using the cords for moving boxes from one conveyor to the next one. It is available in 85A durometer. The green cord in rough texture is light in weight. It is not used for managing heavy items. The rough surface helps in providing less friction. It is the finest solution if you have any kind of accumulation problems. Here, the durometer rating is of 90A and 88A.

Now for the belts
Once you are through with poly cord, next one in the list is Urethane belting. It is used for manufacturing superior bands. Here, premium quality urethane poly cord is used, and their joints are aligned together. It is not over grinded, as that might hamper the bond. The poor welds further cause failure and breakage of the production line. This is the reason to choose premium quality belting only, for better functionality of your production.

Used in various applications
The O-ring belts are used in numerous applications. The most common example over here is the material handling equipment. Some of the machines over here are roller to roller conveyors, line shaft conveyors, transfer system and even pop-up diverters. You can come across these conveyor systems in larger distribution centers. The conveyor rollers use these belts for moving products throughout the day. However, you must not use any wrong size belt for this application. In case, you face any problem, waste no time and contact experts for immediate help. Check out some of the following specifications before choosing any polyurethane belts.